McGowan Foundation

The Foundation was established as 501(c)(3) organization in November of 2008 by a group of professionals initiated by Mr. McGowan. This group of persons has an in-depth working knowledge of the project area. The concept was hailed by key community stakeholders including both the political and religious figures as well as the community members. The Foundation serves children between the ages of 14-18 years and their families in the metropolitan area of North St. Louis, Missouri, through soccer.

Purpose, Ethos and Diversity Statement – The Northside Soccer Academy is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion and understands that the success of our community depends on our ability to nurture the talent of the best people regardless of whom they are or of their background. We have responsibility to do this: ·as a youth soccer academy ·as users of the facilities ·within our role in providing access to sports and sporting facilities for the benefit of the wider community.

Mission – The mission of the McGowan Foundation of St. Louis is to promote and support youth activities that improve performance through interdependence and leadership, enhance youth and family well being and social justice.

Philosophy – Philosophy Statement We believe that it is only through nurturing and interdependence and leadership that we will succeed. In every successful business, orchestra, household, and community, these qualities thrive. Soccer is perhaps the best forum for learning these skills. Its physical demands bear the rewards of improved health, while a most edifying version of competition brings out cooperativeness, the best of human nature in all of it’s participants. The Northside Soccer Academy is a new and vital attempt to bring this experience to those who need it most and are given the least provisions. Working cooperatively, we can create an inclusive culture whose boundaries know only excellence. We are excited to take part in the community of St. Louis’ north side.

Vision – Full teams at all age levels playing in an Academy that celebrates the players, parents and north city.

Get Involved. Volunteer – We welcome any initiative to volunteer, support and create. It is this spirit of involvement and charity that will allow us all to succeed together.