December Thoughts

Last year when a group was promoting a stadium construction funding plan, they were hoping to attract a Major League Soccer franchise.  At that time, I received a call from 19th Ward Alderwoman Marlene Davis, this and has been our greatest supporter in City government.  She told me that MLS is offering funding for youth soccer that was connected to the local franchises.  Immediately upon ending the call, I sought more information.  On the MLS website there was indeed a fourth soccer funding page that offered several programs.  All of them were “currently unavailable” or something like that.  Funding from the soccer authority bodies in the US has always been unpredictable and not easily obtained.  This is why we are seeing a large sum for startup. Once we have this and acquire property to develop, I am confident we will be able to create a self sufficient funding scheme that the Northside sustains without having to go hat in hand to outside institutions.

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